Organic rocket sprouting Cut and Eat

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This organic cut and eat sprouting seeds of buzzy seeds you grow delicious rocket sprouts. The young leaves of rocket sprouts have a wonderful nutty flavor.

These sprouts can be combined with raw ham, cream cheese, smoked salmon and salads. Even as a garnish for meat and pasta dishes. Rocket sprouts is rich in iron and contains vitamins A and C.

After 6 days, you can eat the sprouts!

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Organic rocket sprouting seeds

Sowing instructions

Sprinkle the seeds in a thin layer on the seed rack and gently rinse under the tap. Fill the glass bowl with water to the underside of the grate and place it in a room with normal room temperature (20-22 ° C). Change water every day. After 6 days, you can eat the sprouts (which are 3-5 cm long).

Extension for a few days gives more leaf to the shoot. The sprouts may, without losing their healthful properties, about 7 days remain in the refrigerator.