With your own aubergine seeds, you grow an eggplant that is also called egg fruit. That name is derived from the English egg plant. Wild eggplants have the size and colour of a chicken egg. One of the oldest terms for the eggplant is' melanza apple'. Dutch garden seeds currently sells the seeds of the aubergine species: aubergine long violet.

Aubergine = healthy
The aubergine we know has a shiny dark purple skin and almost white flesh. The taste is very neutral. This has the advantage that aubergine can be combined with almost any other ingredient. Especially with' sturdy' flavours such as garlic or fragrant green herbs, such as marjoram and basil. Another advantage is that aubergine contains many healthy fibers and delivers only 16 kcal per 100 grams.


Eggplant Early Long Purple

CODE: 02070

Content: 2  gram

Mini Eggplant Ophelia F1 hybrid

CODE: 12069

Height: 55 cm
Seeds: +/-10