Organic Basil Sprouts Cut and Eat

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With these organic sprouting seeds basil, you grow basil witch is well known in Mediterranean, Indonesian and Thai kitchens.

The unmistakable fragrance of Basil is exactly how the sprouts taste and they are very easy to cultivate. When cooking, add the sprouts at the last moment when preparing pasta, tomato,sauce and salads. You can also use the sprouts to prepare pesto or to garnish lamb, veal and chicken dishes.

After 14 days, you can eat the sprouts.

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Organic Basil Sprouting seeds

Sowing instructions

Sprinkle the seeds in a thin layer on the seed rack and gently rinse under the tap. Fill the glass bowl with water to the underside of the grate and place it in a room with normal room temperature (20-22 ° C). Change water every day. After 14 days, you can eat the sprouts (which are 3-5 cm long).

Extension for a few days gives more leaf to the shoot. The sprouts may, without losing their healthful properties, about 7 days remain in the refrigerator.